How To Add Trusted Contacts On Facebook

Facebook has recently come up with a new feature of Facebook trusted contacts, this feature allows you to figure out your account details, even if you forget your Facebook password or if your Facebook is hacked.

In the following easily explained and understood article, you will have to add your Facebook trusted friends, and these friends will be used when your Facebook account is locked or not accessible.

How to use trusted contacts on Facebook, to avoid account loss?
Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account through the browser
Step 2: Go to the security settings, under general settings
Step 3: Now, under security settings, scroll down the screen and go to the trusted contacts on Facebook.
Step 4: Click on Choose Trusted Contacts
Step 5: Now add 3 to 5 people under your trusted contacts and click on the confirm tab and enter your password to save this contact list

The above steps can be used to save you from losing your Facebook media, like pictures, videos, or any content which is stored on your Facebook account, if your account is broken or locked, or non-accessible, the Facebook friends feature gives you an option to get out of it. And you can get back your Facebook data easily.

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